Firefighting Tips: Sweat Proofing 101

Sweat can pose as a problem for anyone working hard out in the field, but especially when you are a firefighter. Ladies you may not want to wear makeup because you are afraid it is just going to smear across your face by midday, but there is a possible solution to your problem. You need to find the right makeup that will stay on all day without you having to concern yourself with wiping away the smeared liner or spots of mascara.

There are two brands that I would recommend to you as an answer to your dilemma. This will depend on your budget for makeup. The least expensive option is going to be found at your local drugstore (Walgreens, CVS, etc.) That is going to be the Revlon ColorStay line. This brand in particular can be found at most of your basic stores and runs from about $5-$20.

The lines’ products include foundation, mascara, lip-gloss, lipstick, and pressed powder. There are quite a few products to choose from, you just have to find the best fit for you. From my experience in using the products, it is number one on the list. They do not call it ColorStay for no reason. The lipstick in particular is absolutely fantastic. You can put this on at the start of your morning and not have to put a second coat on for the rest of the day. This includes the periods of the day that you are eating a meal and drinking your energy drinks. There is no stopping this product line.

Now if you are the type to want to invest in a higher-end brand of makeup then MAC cosmetics is the best choice. It is a top-of-the-line product that thousands of people enjoy using. The results are flawless and last all day. This line carries far more options than Revlon but does cost a pretty penny. Although, what most people do not realize is the expensive brands of makeup (sometimes not always) tend to last a lot longer than the cheaper ones. Even if the bottle or tube is smaller the product requires less to apply to the face. A little bit goes a long way with these products, which is why it is not terrible to spend more on MAC. In reality you are spending just as much if not less by purchasing the higher end brand because the cheaper makeup is going to require you to buy a new product every month or even a few weeks.

No pressure on the brands but either of these brands would be perfect for the firefighter looking for a quick sweat-free touch up before starting her rounds in the morning. Revlon can be found at your local grocery story or pharmacy/convenience store and MAC can be found at its private locations or Macy’s department store.


Firefighters on the job: What to Expect

Firefighter2We are not just pulling over to the side of the road when a fire truck goes screaming by us on the road; we are allowing the men and women aboard to do their duty of helping other people live, saving homes or checking on false alarms. Fire fighters are like doctors and nurses: they’re an essential part of our government infrastructure.

A firefighter has many duties that involve more than driving a truck through the streets of town. They are required to respond to all calls and make sure they are ready for whatever situation comes their way. They are responsible for gearing up in a timely manner and determined to get to their destination as quickly and safely as possible.

There are some firefighters that are placed in charge of watching for alarms/calls and others that are put in charge of responding to the alerts. Knowing your position and how to respond is one of the key factors of taking on the role of a firefighter.

Watch duties do go further than just alerting other firefighters of a call. They are required to answer phones and monitor access to the station house all the while making sure to notify station personnel of any high alert situations.

When a firefighter is taking the duty of working on scene they must be completely aware of their surroundings and knowledgeable of how to respond. They must take orders from their superiors and relay any information they come across to them as well. Communication is priority when at the scene of an incident.

The other role in being a firefighter, as mentioned before, is being able to navigate through traffic quickly and safely. The driver of the fire truck must know the laws of the road and be aware of the conditions of the roads, whether they are iced over from the winter or wet from rainfall. Knowing about the conditions will help with the control of the vehicle. It is also very important for the driver to know their way around the roads. What are some of the best routes? Is it safe to take this road? Would it be best to take this road at this time of day? These are some of the countless questions a driver must ask themselves and know the answer to. Navigating around the roads can be tricky and the more knowledgeable you are the more comfortable you will be behind the wheel.

Once a firefighter reaches the scene of the fire they must act based on the orders given to them by their superior. Operating the pumps is one of the obvious instructions provided to them and knowing how to work the pump is a must. A firefighter must know how to connect the hose to a fire hydrant and operate the equipment so the water supply pumps through evenly. They must monitor the pressure of the water, the temperature and the fuel gauge. Their job is to clear the fire properly and safely and shut the hose of when instructed.

Being a firefighter is no simple task but knowing the duties and understanding the role will make you more confident in your role for the town.

Basic Firefighter Safety – Best Practices

If you speak to any fire-fighter with some years of experience, they may be reluctant to confess it but the number of fire-fighter casualties in America is increasing by the year. Whether on the actual fire scene, illness or by suicide, the numbers are climbing and in turn so must the precautions and safety measures taken to protect and save lives. This arrangement of insight has been made to explain how to practice fire-fighter safety by using what is known as the Closed-Loop Approach.

FireThe very first component of this approach is the Daily safety movement. At the firehouse when the beginning of each shift commences, all of the key officers along with the senior personnel members will compare plans for the day as a start-of-shift gathering. The objective behind this meeting is to improve, advise and instruct on well-being awareness in all facets of the fire-fighters’ lives.

Normally, one safety moment per week is centered on the fire-fighters and their officers being able to introduce or update the results of assigned queries they were to have completed answering for this time. Basically, each week there is a selection of material presented and several pieces are left out in order to designate them to others in hopes they can answer and present them accordingly. Continue reading