How To Prevent House Fires By Taking Care Of Hair Styling Tools

House fires are started by a number of things, but one of the most common causes of house fires is the misuse of hair styling tools. The person who works very hard to take care of their hair must also work very hard to make sure that their hair styling tools are not becoming a fire hazard. Each of the tips below will change the way that people look at their hair styling tools and how they use them.

The Plugs

When purchasing curling wands like those shown at, the user must remember that hair styling products are not designed to prevent fires on their own. Plugging multiple hair styling products into one outlet causes problems when the user walks away from the outlet.

There are outlets that remain relatively safe throughout the day. However, outlets that experience power surges could easily emit sparks that will ignite a fire in the bathroom. Keeping the units unplugged helps to prevent sparks. Also, keeping units in separate outlets helps to spread out the power usage in the bathroom.

The Heat

The heat that is produces by curling irons, flat irons and hair dryers can be a fire hazard all by itself. Hair dryers must be kept in a place that is completely dry and not near flammable items. Placing a hot hair dryer next to tissues, cotton swabs or paper could ignite these items easily. Also, the fires could start after the user leaves the bathroom.

Flat irons and curling irons must be kept on heat-resistant mats that helps to keep the heat from being dispersed in the room. These mats help the units to cool slowly, and these same mats will show users if the unit is still hot. Someone could come into the bathroom, move the unit and catch something on fire by accident. However, seeing the heat signature on a mat will show someone that the iron is still hot.

Home Safety

Keeping these items out of reach of children and pets is also important. Children and pets can burn themselves on these hair styling tools, but they can also knock these units into a sink full of water or catch something on fire. Having a safe place in the bathroom to keep these items out of reach of small creatures in the house is a safety issue in the bathroom.

More Information

Anyone that is looking for helpful hints on using their hair styling equipment should consider these fire safety protocols first. Home hair styling accessories are very useful for men and women who take care of their hair every day, but these same units can be dangerous if they are not cared for properly.

When preventing fires in the home, homeowners must keep their hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons out of reach of children and pets. The units must be kept away from flammable items, and the units should not be plugged into the same socket. After following all these tips, the bathroom becomes a far safer place for the family.

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